May 22, 2017

5:28 AM

Top stories - who stands to lose the most in POTUS45 proposed budget, where smoking may be banned, & the Nats turn it around. ABC 7 News - WJLA

Larry Smith

May 14, 2017

9:19 AM

Selfie with my mom at Nats park. WUSA9 MothersDay2017

Scott David

May 13, 2017

10:41 PM

Bryce Harper shows he's worth every penny of the $21.625 million he'll get paid in 2018 with a walk off homer Nats WUSA9

WUSA9 Sports

May 12, 2017

7:31 PM

Look who is here... Nats postponed. Gio immediately headed to Wizards. "Feels solid" about Game 6 chances.

Carol Maloney

5:28 PM

Here you go NATS fans

Doug Kammerer

5:17 PM

Sunday highlights on WUSA9! Phillies at Nats at 1:30pm and the NCISLA finale at 8pm!

Sue Baldwin

5:04 AM

Phillies & NATS tonight Eileen Whelan says you can expect a rain delay or another postponement DCtraffic GMW

Julie Wright

May 11, 2017

7:22 PM

Tonight's Nats game against the Orioles has been postponed WUSA9

WUSA9 Sports

12:40 PM

Rainy afternoon and drying out this evening. Mainly dry by midnight ... Nats Os game tough call. Chilly too!

Amelia Draper

10:24 PM

Nats walkoff the Orioles as Matt Wieters does in his old team WUSA9

WUSA9 Sports

9:47 PM

DC Sports Update: Caps down 2-0 in the 3rd P, Wizards down 92-72 in the 3rd Q, Nats down 6-2 in the 8th inning.

ABC 7 Sports

9:22 PM

Let me get this straight? Wizards are down 67-51 at the half, Nats down 6-2 in the 7th and Caps are down 1-0 after 2 DMVsports WUSA9

Diane Roberts

9:17 PM

For those keeping score at home, Caps, Wizards, and Nats are all losing WUSA9

WUSA9 Sports

8:56 PM

Caps down 1-0, Wizards down 55-36 & oh yeah, Nats down 5-1

ABC 7 Sports