20 min

28 horses rescued from flood waters in SanJose. At least two dozen more still need help.


1 hour

Caitlyn Jenner blasts Trump over trans bathroom reversal


58 min

Removing the reflective coating or altering California license plates is only a fix-it ticket if you get caught.

Stanley Roberts

1 hour

Tonight at 10 It's on the rise especially since it is tax season!

Stanley Roberts

1 hour

Pretty post-sunset color whereyoulive!

Sandhya Patel

40 min

600+ pack DeSaulnierTownHall to talk ab health care, immigrants, environment, integrity in Trump admin KTVU

Debora Villalon

51 min

RIP Deputy Foley. Died today. Hit Wed. by bus @SantaRitaJail. 40 yrs as officer Concord & Alameda Co. abc7news

Leslie Brinkley