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This hour

12:56 PM

FOX 29 SWAT & police block off South Philly neighborhood as former Pagan MC member barricaded in home.fox29

Dave Schratwieser

12:46 PM

(AP) -- Minnesota prosecutor closes 2-year probe into Prince's death without filing criminal charges.

FOX 29

12:36 PM

PPD Commissioner Ross: You can't expect people to walk businesses and know their policies.

FOX 29

PPD Commissioner Ross: The fact that officers were there for well over ten minutes suggests they were trying to resolve this situation.

FOX 29

12:31 PM

PPD Commissioner Ross: The officers acted in due diligence from what they knew at the time of the incident.

FOX 29

12:30 PM

PPD Commissioner Ross: It's a very unfortunate circumstance all the way around.

FOX 29

PPD Commissioner Ross: The one thing that we passively thought or understood that charges would be filed.

FOX 29

12:27 PM

PPD Commissioner Ross: Officers never verbally or physically abused the men in Starbucks

FOX 29

12:23 PM

New Policy in place so that “we don’t get manipulated” by employees to remove someone from the store. Philadelphia Police Action News on 6abc

Maggie Kent

12:22 PM

PPD Commissioner Ross: We'll continue to acknowledge race is a factor in many things we do.

FOX 29

Gladiators, are you ready for TheFinalScandal?

Action News on 6abc

12:20 PM

PPD Commissioner Ross: Police involved shootings are down 65 percent in last five years.

FOX 29

PPD Commissioner Ross: Our edestrian stops are down over 50 percent over the last few years.

FOX 29

12:19 PM

PPD Commissioner Ross: Officers were trying to do everything that they could to ensure no one would get hurt.

FOX 29

PPD Commissioner Ross: The officers who responded were not alarmed. At least one officer is seen as relaxed while responding to Starbucks.

FOX 29