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Weather forecast at 8 AM

  • 9:00 AMModerate rain37°F
  • 12:00 PMLight rain44°F
  • 3:00 PMLight rain52°F
  • 6:00 PMLight rain41°F
  • 9:00 PMHeavy intensity rain39°F
  • 12:00 AMModerate rain35°F
  • 3:00 AMLight rain32°F
  • 6:00 AMSnow30°F

This hour

8:54 AM

Radar Update: Widespread rain for most of southeast Wisconsin just before 9am.

FOX6 Weather

8:50 AM

Today Dr. Mehmet Oz Medical Mystery: Is Heaven Real? Doctors Who Say They’ve Been There at 11am on WISN12


8:04 AM

Update Traffic, yeah...I mean you can see these drive times TODAY'S TMJ4

TaTiana Cash

8:02 AM

The roads are a mess this morning PlanAhead your drive times aren't the best PlanAhead traffic is a mess TODAY'S TMJ4

TaTiana Cash