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Yesterday at 2 PM

2:31 PM

Trump just signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act

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2:27 PM

Donald E. Ballard: There is no greater love than someone who loves this country and I believe we elected the right leader to drain the swamp

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2:24 PM

Trump: We are defined by our shared humanity, by our citizenship in this magnificent nation and by the love that fills our hearts.

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2:23 PM

Trump: We are one people with one home and one great flag. We are not defined by the color of our skin or by the figure on our paycheck

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2:22 PM

Trump: We can build gleaming new highways, state of the art manufacturing, modern works of wonder and we can do it all with American workers

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2:21 PM

Trump: We don’t have to be content with a dilapidated road system, with crumbling buildings or rusted out factories.

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2:19 PM

Go outside if you can, Indy. It's a perfect day.

Joe Tamborello

Trump will sign the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act on stage at the American Legion National Convention

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2:14 PM

Trump speaking at American Legion National Convention: "We've opened the promised White House VA Hotline. That's a big deal."

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2:10 PM

The City of Indianapolis will also use the savings to add 4,000 new LED lights around the city, according to Mayor Joe Hogsett. RTV6 Indianapolis IPL Power

Marc Mullins

2:09 PM

The city will work with IPL Power to install energy efficient street lighting. Many of the 27,000 existing street lights will be retrofitted

Marc Mullins