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Weather forecast at 6 AM

  • 7:00 AMFew clouds77°F
  • 10:00 AMFew clouds89°F
  • 1:00 PMClear sky95°F
  • 4:00 PMLight rain97°F
  • 7:00 PMLight rain89°F
  • 10:00 PMClear sky82°F
  • 1:00 AMClear sky79°F
  • 4:00 AMClear sky77°F

This hour

6:55 AM

It's a "Saharan sunrise" over Galveston. Fine dust particles turn the sky hazy gray. Allergies & asthma flare.

Travis Herzog

6:54 AM

IH-10 KATY Eastbound At IH-610 WEST LOOP/ US 290 Direct Connect - Stall - Status: Verified at 6:50 AM - Lanes Affected: 1 Mainlane(s)


Fender bender on I-10 inbound just inside 610 West Loop, middle lanes blocked ABC13 Houston kattraffic ABC13

Katherine Whaley

6:51 AM

Elissa Rivas covering deadly hit and run crash involving pedestrian on US-59 and Northington, near BW8. ABC13 Houston kattraffic ABC13

Katherine Whaley

6:34 AM

Look at how hazy gray the sky is in Galveston! It's an African dust cloud, and I'll share more on live TV ~6:45AM.

Travis Herzog

6:29 AM

Stall on Katy Freeway WB at Gessner ABC13 Houston Kattraffic ABC13

Katherine Whaley

6:24 AM

Feelin' hot, hot, hot...everybody now. Sure, there may be a stray storm or two, but this week looks mostly hot. :)

Mike Iscovitz

6:08 AM

Dry and hot in Houston today, but watch for flooding around Lake Livingston. Highs near 100F this week. Rough!

Brooks Garner

6:03 AM

Current weather around the Houston area. TXwx

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