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32 min

"It’s not personal, it’s just protocol.” –HannahDesignatedSurvivor

Designated Survivor

11 min

WHIP COUNT on new HB2 repeal bill: 39-45 House Rs. Split House D caucus. 10-11 Senate Ds. 23 Senate Rs. Per sources ncpol ncga

Nick Ochsner

14 min

New HB2 repeal bill will be taken up by Senate rules committee, passed out of senate and then moved to house to concur ncpol ncga

Nick Ochsner

15 min

"we have reached an agreement w/ the governor" Senator Phil Berger announces on HB2 ncpol ncga

Nick Ochsner

21 min

It's all quiet now but in about 15 hours this place will be the center of the college hoops world.

Phil Orban

44 min

Our newsroom is working hard on remembering CMPD News officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton.Thursday. 7:30p. WBTV News

Molly Grantham WBTV

26 min

Mt Holly police say man shot in neighborhood on N Woodcliff Ln has died. Now homicide investigation. WSOCTV

Alexa Ashwell