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Yesterday at Noon

12:49 PM

Sorry y’all.. running and tweeting and I gave you bad cross streets. Building is at Fayette and Light. WJZ

Kimberly Eiten

12:44 PM

The building has Burger King on the bottom floor, and apartments above that are under construction. WJZ

Kimberly Eiten

12:40 PM

Smoke is coming from the top of the building. WJZ

Kimberly Eiten

Firefighter just told fire isn’t visible from outside, but Burger King is burning inside. WJZ

Kimberly Eiten

12:33 PM

Many fire trucks converging on Fayette and St Paul for fire

Justin Fenton

12:05 PM

Mayor spoke about Baltimore’s population loss—said housing sales are up and new young people are moving in WJZ | CBS Baltimore

Mike Hellgren