8:13 PM

Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose weighs in on Alberta's united right ableg

Global Edmonton

3:49 PM

Brian Jean & Jason Kenney officially sign agreement to form United Conservative Party, pending party votes.

Dan Grummett

3:40 PM

"We went through a number of possibilities. We wanted 'conservative' in name." - Kenney on party name, approved by Chief Electoral Officer

Dan Grummett

3:28 PM

PCs and Wildrose unveil plan to merge, will be called the United Conservative Party (UCP) and select a new leader October 28th. ableg

Tom Vernon

3:20 PM

The plan, if ratified by members, will unify both Wildrose and PC Alberta under a new party called The United Conservative Party yeg ymm

CTV Edmonton

3:19 PM

"Today is a very exciting day." - Brian Jean on new "United Conservative Party" ableg

Fletcher Kent