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This hour

11:54 AM

City Solicitor confirms she has not received calls regarding legal challenges. Kennedy adds additional ballots sent throughout City yyc

Lucas Meyer

11:49 AM

Kennedy admits Auburn Bay/Mahogany was a "superstation." But some new communities don't have new halls, schools where stations can go yyc

Lucas Meyer

11:46 AM

City's chief returning officer says she would prefer switching to electronic vote counting rather than old fashioned hand counting yycvote

Shawn Logan

11:45 AM

Kennedy will be submitting a report to the city with recommendations for next election by 4Q of 2018 yyc yycvote

Lucas Meyer

11:44 AM

CTV Calgary Kennedy says it's time election tabulating process is reviewed. She is in favour of an electronic process. yycvote yyccc

Kamil Karamali

11:43 AM

Kennedy on reports some voter just received one of three ballots: "contact us." Says they want those reports to come in, not thru media yyc

Lucas Meyer

11:39 AM

Kennedy: The hand count system is a sound legislative system, but she comes from Edm: "It might be time," on tabulators thx yycvote

Lucas Meyer

11:35 AM

Kennedy ordered 105 per cent ballots, but when advanced votes were done, they didn't flood stations with excess ballots yyc yycvote

Lucas Meyer

11:33 AM

Returning Officer Laura Kennedy says last night was the longest night of her 25-year career yyc yycvote

Lucas Meyer

City's chief solicitor apologizes for issues on election night. Says there will be a review of processes before next election yycvote

Shawn Logan

11:32 AM

3.2 million hits between 8-11 pm on City website last night, three times amount of traffic from 2013 yyc yycvote

Lucas Meyer

11:17 AM

Anybody in Calgary get stuck in long voter lineups or went to polling station where they ran out of ballots? DM me please! yycvote yyccc

Kamil Karamali

11:14 AM


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